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Since 1988, Garfield Management Company has been active in the management of apartments, commercial properties and 3rd party management. Garfield Management is a professional residential property management company setting new standards in providing quality services to our customers.

The cornerstone of our success is building the most talented management professionals and providing expertise in a wide range of real estate services, from property management to asset management. Professionalism with a proactive attitude is our hallmark.

To our residents, it means understanding “quality of life” and providing the best customer service. Each of our property managers is professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous. Our goal is to build and nurture long term relationships with our residents.

To our clients, our commitment and loyalty is displayed by understanding the goals and objectives of each asset. Garfield Management is based on performance and stewardship. Through our proactive attitude our approach is to maximize each clients earnings.